Black Composite Doors

Are you looking for black composite doors for your house or business building? We at Truedor have an extensive array of choices that can add to your choice of black composite doors, including glass styles and accessories. Our GRP black composite is the perfect material for your doors -  not only is it strong and durable but it has the same aesthetic appeal as timber and other door materials - so it has all of the advantages without the disadvantages!

More About Our Black Composite Doors

Here at Truedor we're firm believers in staying green, which is exactly why we always ensure to recylce 100% of the following products: PVC and timber offcuts, sawdust, mixed scrap metal, cardboard, paper, polythene and ink cartridges. In addiction to this we are inkeeping with all rules and regulations, and enforce ethical values in the making of our black composite doors.

We also understand that safety is of the highest importance when it comes to choosing your black composite doors, which is why all of our doors are fitted with security locks that have been approved and meet the requirements of PAS 23/24, tested in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001 Quality Assurance. This means that you can be assured of your safety in your own home when purchasing black composite doors from us; not only are they highly aesthetically pleasing but they're also strong, stable and secure in every way possible.

How To Design Your Black Composite Doors:

If you're looking to design your own black composite doors, follow this link and have a play around with the options until you're happy with the result. You can also contact us if you have any questions, or need some help with the specifics of your black composite doors.