1.0 The guarantee is applicable to the original owner of the property and is non-transferable (unless previously agreed with the company).
2.0 The guarantee commences from the date the goods were supplied.
3.0 The guarantee is only valid if the product has been properly maintained and the company's installation and operating instructions have been complied with.
4.0 The company reserves the right to reject guarantee claims if it is found that products have been misused or where faults have been caused by willful or neglectful damage or by excessive wear and tear.
5.0 Where a specific item has failed (e.g., Door, frame ,MPL, cylinder, glazing unit, etc..) within the guarantee period, the company will provide replacement item(s) only, delivered free of charge to the premises of the customer. These items do not receive any additional cover and are covered for the remaining period of the original product guarantee.
6.0 The company reserves the right to modify its designs; if any product or component is obsolete a product of equivalent specification will be supplied.
7.0 All Painted and stained surfaces should be visually inspected with the naked eye (corrected with eyeglasses if necessary). This should be viewed in daylight or other uniform back light that simulates daylight (D65). This is to be conducted from a 1.5 meter distance at an upright position, and not by shining any artificial light onto the surface.
8.0 Thermal Movement will occur as with UPVC and Timber products and is normal, as the product will revert back to within its natural flat plane tolerance as long as the installation guidelines are observed.
9.0 The Company warrants that, for a period of 5 years from the date of manufacture, its composite door glass units will be free from (i) obstruction of vision arising from deposition of moisture or deterioration of inner glass, subject always to such units being maintained in accordance with any guidance provided by the Company. This warranty excludes any breach caused by (i) undue impact or any neglect; (ii) misuse; (iii) faulty installation; (iv) building subsidence; (v) Willful or neglectful damage or excessive wear and tear; (vi) modifications/alterations made post installation; (viii) any Act of God.
10.0 The Company further warrants that, for a period of 5 years from the date of delivery and subject always to the Goods being handled, stored, and applied in full compliance with the company's storage, fixing, finishing & maintenance guidelines that its white PVC-U profiles and woodgrain foils shall maintain (i) colour stability (ii) impact strength and (iii) shape retention.
11.0 Subject to the provisions of this Condition the Company warrants that (i) for a period of 5 years from the date of manufacture for those part of the Goods which are hardware (including door hinges, lock sets, handles) and (ii) for a period of 5 years from the date of manufacture shall continue to function satisfactorily. These warranties shall not apply where handles, hinges and locking system have been subjected to stresses and operating forces beyond recommended levels as stipulated by the GGF guidelines and British Standards Code of Practice.
12.0 Discrepancies in deliveries, damaged or missing items must be identified and reported in writing to the company's customer care team within 5 working days of delivery.
13.0 The guarantee will become invalid if any 3rd party tampers with the unit without prior written consent of the company.
14.0 This guarantee is in addition to and does not affect your statutory rights.