Hörmann-Truedor recognises its responsibility to all business stakeholders; whether employees, suppliers, customers, investors or members of the The Company has developed a number of key strategic policies in the areas of:

Health and Safety
Hörmann-Truedor is committed to safeguarding the Health, Safety and Welfare of employees, visitors and residents when manufacturing and installing its products. All significant Health and Safety hazards posed by the Company’s activities are continually assessed and an appropriate set of Health and Safety arrangements are in place to control them. The implementation of these arrangements is monitored and reviewed on a regular basis with action taken to redress any deficiencies and to ensure continuous improvement. Planning is undertaken for all projects to control and eliminate the level of risk imposed, ensuring it is minimal and tolerable. Hörmann-Truedor holds the following certificates: BS OHSAS 18001, SMAS Worksafe Contractor and CHAS Registered.

Environmental Management
The Company recognises its important role in conserving the environment for future generations and aims to pursue a sound environmental strategy through the implementation of its environmental policy and by setting annual environmental objectives and targets.

The Company also aims to achieve compliance with all relevant legislative standards and regulations.

The responsibility for implementing the environmental policy lies with the management team, assisted by employees at all levels. The Company encourages staff training and development to ensure that commitment to the policy can be fulfilled.

The main aspects of the Company’s strive for environmental excellence include:
• the prevention of pollution
• a reduction in energy consumption
• a reduction in waste generation
• an increase in the use of sustainable materials

Recycling is given high importance within the organisation.

Further information can be obtained from: www.wasteconnect.co.uk

Hörmann-Truedor achieved certificate BS EN ISO 14001.

In line with the Company’s environmental objectives, the Purchasing Team make every effort to forge relationships with likeminded suppliers to ensure responsible procurement. The Company is committed to sourcing all timber related products from legal sources and has achieved ‘Chain of Custody’ Certification.

It is imperative that the supply chain demonstrates an improving programme of sustainability with, where possible, auditable independent certification

Customer Satisfaction
Delivery performance statistics and customer facing issues are regularly discussed at a weekly Key Performance Indicator (KPI) meeting. A dedicated Customer Service team provides the focus for a customer’s initial contact with the Company.

Employee Development and Training
The Company is committed to developing staff through in-house and external training measures in order to allow duties to be performed effectively. local community.

Modern Anti-Slavery Act
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ISO 9001

ISO 14001

OHSAS 18001