George Clarke,
the voice of Truedor
and why we chose him…

George is an architect, television presenter, campaigner and educator. He passionately believes that architecture, art and design should be accessible to everyone and has the power to transform and enrich lives.

Whether he is designing a new home, restoring or converting historic buildings or transforming existing houses on television, he recognizes and values the process that enables people to unlock the beauty of where they live.

He realized early on in his career that the concept of home embodied the possibility to a more inclusive approach to good architectural practice. There generally is no place like home. This is the space which allows for a creative form of expression that we can all embrace and manipulate: whether it’s transforming a tiny bedroom or managing a large-scale build, we all have the possibility of experimenting with our environment and in doing so improving the way we live and hopefully learn something new along the way.

“Home is the most powerful form of architecture that affects us all, and if you are lucky enough to have a warm and comfortable roof over your head, it is a very special place indeed”.