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The message remains the same “Sell more doors” with the Truedor Partner Programme

Three years into the Truedor Partner Programme and installers continue to benefit from higher levels of sales.

We are three years in now, and the Truedor Partner Programme continues to deliver outstanding results for our customers, the installers who take products from our range, a range which continues to expand through an on-going programme of development.

When we launched the programme, we were very clear, we wanted to create a support programme which would help our customers sell more doors.  They key for us was to work with each of them individually, to understand their specific needs and to advise them which of the sales and marketing resources in our programme they could benefit from the most.

Customers can tap into an outstanding range of marketing materials, and through the Truedor marketing team can also access to images and photographs of George Clarke who has been the product ambassador for Truedor from the outset and who is well received by consumers looking to buy Composite Doors.

Our on-going relationship with George is a real positive – he has real credibility and is someone people can believe in; they can trust his sincerity.

His involvement with us has been a real success and he has been well received by our customers.  In fact, he has really brought something to the party, his knowledge of buildings is one thing, but his real passion for making homes great places to live has really shone out and this has added to the view that our installer customers are truly experts in their field – a huge factor which is helping them to sell more doors.

It is always great when we go to one of an installer’s showroom and see the photos of George with our products and hear how much their customers appreciate it and take confidence from it.

We believe our Truedor Partner Programme is something very different to the support offered by others in the market, and most importantly we know it is helping installers sell more doors.

July 11 2019