Opening doors with George Clarke

“It’s incredible!” That was the verdict of architect and property expert George Clarke when he got a sneak preview of Truedor’s new factory in South Wales late last month.

George, who has been product ambassador for Truedor for the past three years, was given a behind the scenes tour of the ultra-modern production facility in Oakdale by the Truedor team.

“The level of investment and commitment from the owners of the business is a big, bold statement. It is great for the area and for all stakeholders in the business – employees, customers and supply chain partners”.

“Having spent time at the old factory, it was brilliant to see the new facility and how the future of the company is going to look. As usual I got a great welcome, and everyone was really warm and welcoming. It is an exciting time ahead for everybody involved with Truedor.”

George spent two days filming a new video with the Truedor team, covering every operation within the factory and then visiting a local customer to get their views on the new composite door they had installed in their home.

“I love seeing what type of doors people choose for their homes, the colour especially, and the style. A new door makes such an impact on a house and can transform it completely; it can really set the tone for the rest of the property,” he said.

As a seasoned traveller for his successful TV programmes, George gets to see a fair number of doors and in his experience South American homes are where they are used to their max.

“The South Americans really love colour and they are much braver with their doors, making very personal and symbolic statements with them,” he said. “I’ve seen hand-painted stencilling and even family crests, all done in a very humble way, as a symbol of the family. Some of them are quite beautiful, almost like works of art.”

But not all doors are masterpieces. “One of the weirdest I’ve seen was on an extension built on a 1930s house. Someone had used a period interior door on the outside of the house. It had no weathering and no proper seals,” he added.

Just back from his travels in south east Asia, he spotted some great doors on temples. “They were absolutely stunning and steeped in Buddhist symbolism.”

Richard Kirman, sales and marketing manager for Truedor, said: “It’s always great for us to hear George speaking about his experiences in other countries. He is absolutely passionate about the impact a door can make on a property, and it was great for us to show George our new factory as it’s something we’re really proud of. He was really impressed with the new technology we have installed as a part of the production process, whilst not losing sight of the fact that all our doors still rely on craftsmen to finish them by hand, something which is really important to him, and to us.”

“George has been great for our business since we first started speaking to him, and he contributes a great deal to the way we think about our door offering. It was great to have him along to make the new video and I know it will be really well received by our customers”.

Coming soon - Watch this space for our video interview with George and news updates on our new south Wales factory.

March 07 2018