George Clarke tells us “Your home is your castle”

“Hi, I’m George Clarke, product ambassador for Truedor from IG Doors. I believe that Composite Doors are one of the best products on the market today when it comes to quickly and dramatically changing the appearance and the feel of the home, and equally importantly, for giving consumers peace of mind when it comes to security”.

“In recent years the highly technical industry which designs and manufactures locks and other security features has worked closely in tandem with Composite Door suppliers to provide products which are extremely robust and are designed to ensure optimum performance; in fact, it is very rare indeed these days that the products which are fitted to Composite Doors for the front or back of the home will even be liable to attack – let alone failure”.

“These enhancements to the security of Composite Doors have been driven by the advent of Secured By Design – a UK Police approved minimum standard for the type and quality of locking and security measures. Independent Research has shown that over the years’ products which have achieved the Secured By Design badge have helped to reduce crime by no less than 75% across all areas of the UK”.

“When you add these massive security benefits to all the other great features that the product offers, it is no surprise that that Composite Doors have become the first choice for home-owners looking to enhance their homes”.

“A range of great door styles designed to suit a customer’s property perfectly, the ability for a consumer to completely personalise their new door to match their exact requirements through colour choice and glass selection, and the comfort and peace of mind that comes from knowing that their new front and back doors are fitted with the most secure products on the market means that Composite Doors really are a truly great choice and something I am happy to endorse”.


June 04 2017