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How Safe is Your Neighbourhood?

Truedor survey looks at the recorded burglaries committed in England and Wales over 12 months.

During June 2015-May 2016 there were nearly 400,000 recorded burglaries in England and Wales.

Of these, there have been 277,300 incidents where the investigations have been completed but no suspect identified.  79,625 are still under investigation – meaning a staggering 90% of recorded burglary attempts between this 12-month period, were successful.

This data was all taken from the UK police’s official website.  You can download the data we compiled, here.

Following on from this, in July, Truedor carried out a survey to an audience of 2,000, asking them: ‘What do you think is the best deterrent to stop burglaries on your property?’

With 23% of the vote, Burglar Alarm was the most popular choice among those surveyed. CCTV was the second most popular with 20%.

Now knowing that 90% of burglary attempts in England and Wales are successful – are people mislead to think that these two deterrents are the safest way to protect your property?

If only 10% of burglary criminals are identified, then should homeowners in England and Wales be more concerned with trying to prevent thieves from breaking into their house in the first place?

A Secure Door ranked down in fourth with only 16% of the vote.  Now we know that nine out of 10 burglars escape unidentified, this information suggests the best thing to do may be preventing them entering your property entirely.  In this case, a secure door seems the logical way to go.

If a burglar can’t enter your property in the first place then they certainly aren’t going to be able to take any of your valuables!

Here at Truedor we offer Truly Secure composite doors.  Our composite doors are fitted with high security multi-point locking systems as standard. To take the security of our composite doors to an even higher level, we also fit our specially designed dog bolt system as standard. This involves two sets of triple hinge bolts that secure the composite door to the frame, protecting you against intruders. In our design, we also aim to make fitting composite doors easier.

July 25 2016