Good Installation Techniques

Richard Kirman, Sales and Marketing Manager for the Truedor range from IG Doors tells us about the importance of good installation techniques and the Master Fitter Challenge...

Not for the first time I want to say a few words about the importance of good installation techniques.

I am delighted to say that nearly everybody I speak to also understands the importance of good practice too.  There was a time when good installation was a fortunate bi-product of the desire to install as many doors as possible as quickly as possible, but not any more.

Installers really do want the job done right; the end users certainly do.  It is music to our ears and the more the ‘approved installer’ network concept catches on the more we believe that good fitting practice will absolutely be the norm.

It is with installation in mind that I want to talk about the Master Fitter Challenge at the upcoming FIT Show.  Installation of such an aspirational product – as I have said on many occasions previously – is such a critical part of the whole composite door experience.

Consumers expect a high level of product and service, and good installation is a major part of it.

It is why composite doors are such an obvious fit for the industry show’s major competition – the Master Fitter Challenge, and it is why we are very supportive of it.

That composite doors are now an automatic choice to be a part of the Master Fitter Challenge speaks volumes for where the product now sits in the industry.  We are very happy to be the sponsors of it and working with GQA wo are running it to make it as authentic and meaningful a challenge as we can.

April will be upon us in no time, so for those installers who want to take up the challenge, now is a good time to register their interest.

I hope lots of installers get involved; it is going to be the best challenge yet!

March 15 2016