One size does not fit all

Richard Kirman, sales and marketing manager for IG Doors’ trade division, explains the theory behind the Truedor Partner Programme and why the company is excited about being able to offer a package of support where one sizes does not fit all.

I guess you could say, just like as with our doors, everything is made to measure – one size absolutely does not fit all.  In our view this is especially important when it comes to marketing.

As with many things in our business and our service offering we try to do things that little bit differently, detail is really important, and we are very keen to treat each and everyone one of our customers as individual businesses.

The essence of the Truedor Partner Programme is that we work with each of them to understand and asses their needs, and then we tailor our support package to meet those specific requirements.

For example, the needs of a business with a large showroom are entirely different to the needs of a one-person business – they are both equally important to us as customers, but it would be foolish to think that we could offer a support pack which meets both their needs, it simply wouldn’t be beneficial to one or the other of them.

The Truedor Partner Programme will be at the heart of our FIT Show offering this year and the stand has been designed to demonstrate the different levels of support available to meet the demands of different installer businesses – visitors to our stand will be able to see tangibly what we can offer them in terms of support.

It will be a really exciting stand and a great opportunity for us to work with customer groups at all levels of the industry.  It is another of the things we can hope sets us apart as a company, and installers will be able to see for themselves just how much we understand and value their business.

The Truedor Partner Programme offers marketing support and sales advice to customers at all levels; it includes the opportunity to have standard or bespoke marketing collateral across traditional printed media or for on-line promotion.

It offers something for the smaller installer businesses as well as for large installation businesses who operate out of showrooms and the Truedor team will go through the process to understand the needs of the customer before offering a tailored pack to support them with their business plans.


Customers will also have access to images and photographs of George Clarke who has been a product ambassador for Truedor from the outset and who is well received by consumers looking to buy from the outstanding range of products available.

When we asked George Clarke to be an ambassador for the Truedor range it was on the basis that we felt he had real credibility – a ‘celebrity’ yes – but one who people could believe in and trust in his sincerity.

We have not been disappointed; his involvement with us has been a real success and he has been very well received.  In fact, he is really brought something to the party, his knowledge of buildings is one thing, but his real passion for making homes great places to live has really shone out and this has really added to our presence in the market.

That our customers can also benefit from our association with him is an added bonus for them and we are delighted to be able to include them in. It is always great when we go to one of our installer partner’s showroom and see the photos of George with our products and hear how much their customers also really appreciate it and take confidence from it.

We believe our Truedor Partner Programme is something very different from the support offered by others in the market, and we look forward to welcoming visitors to our stand at the FIT Show to see it for themselves.


March 10 2016