Security Always Becomes More Important When the Nights Get Darker

Richard Kirman, Sales and Marketing Manager at IG Doors, explains the importance of security as we head into winter.

Spring and summer are distant memories, and autumn has all but gone – we are on the cusp of winter already and dark nights are upon us once again.  There is an inevitability that comes with the darker nights – security becomes more of an issue in people’s minds.  It is not that security isn’t important at other times of the year; clearly it is, and it is always a part of the selling process for composite doors, but somehow it leaps up the priorities.

Whereas at other times of the year installers selling doors like to focus on styles, colour or glass, when winter comes ‘security’ and the integrity of the high specification locking mechanisms jumps to the top of the list of features and benefits.

All good doors are fully accredited to Secured by Design standards, and whereas in times past such a level of comfort was a real selling point and a differentiator, it is now common place – and that is a good thing.  Security on a composite door is a major feature, one which has often been forgotten in recent times as the ‘softer’ consumer features are promoted more heavily.

It does no harm at all to have one of the original key features of composite doors find its place higher in the selling process, as it is a reflection of the mind-set of people as the seasons change throughout the year.

The standards of security now are so high, and the quality of the locking mechanisms further enhance security on the doors, giving the consumers a real sense of surety in the products they buy.  Security should never be taken lightly, and in our marketing it absolutely isn’t.  Combined with the many other features of composite doors, it makes the whole offering outstanding, and understandably the consumer’s first choice when choosing a door type.

October 31 2015