Is there a point to point of sale material?

Richard Kirman, Sales and Marketing Manager for the Truedor range from IG Doors tells us, very emphatically, “Yes” and explains why installer support has become an essential part of the marketing mix for Composite Doors.

“If you look back at the history of the market, the start point for every composite door supplier was to develop a brochure aimed at the retail consumer to show them the colours and styles of their doors; the range of glass bevels available to them, and the choice of handles, knockers, numerals and ancillary items they could choose from.  They also worked on the basis that the trade installer would use the same brochure as a sales aid – and for many years they did just that.

“But times have changed significantly; I have spoken often about how the internet has impacted consumer behaviour enabling them to carry out extensive research into what they want – and how, fuelled by the wave of home makeover programmes and magazines, their knowledge, their thinking and indeed their power has evolved and is not entirely different.”

Richard continues: “It is no longer enough to have just a brochure; installers cannot go and see consumers armed only with one piece of literature – there needs to be so much more.

“For those who have invested in showrooms and who have doors to show visitors to their premises, the support needs to be even greater.  They need a full range of business to consumer point of sale material which gives them the chance to answer every question a consumer may have, and to give them something tangible to take away with them for further consideration.

“A composite door is a high end and very aspirational purchase – the point of sale material which accompanies it needs to match it in every sense.” Richard adds.

“Installers needs to be able to kit out their showrooms fully with marketing materials to back up their investment – they need to have literature which is bespoke to them, dual branded promotional material, and a brochure style which does so much more than just contain pictures of the products and technical information.

“The composite door industry has excelled in recent years in bringing out new products – new styles, new colours, new glass options; it now needs to back this up with the same level of investment and imagination when it comes to supporting the installers in the market who ultimately deliver the business.”

Richard concludes: “An installer who is not fully fitted out with a full range of point of sale materials is at a disadvantage to one who has everything in his bag.”

September 24 2015