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Consumer Demand is Driving a Demand for More Consumer Support!

I think we are all of the same mind - consumer demand for the products our industry produces is just great news all round! At the minute we are in a particularly buoyant market, but business is not won easily – even in these circumstances.

What is clearly emerging as a trend is a demand from consumers for more support, more information, and more assurances about the products they are thinking about buying.

A standard sample and a simple brochure are no longer going to cut the mustard; consumers now want to know all of the information about the products, they want to see a full selection of all of the options open to them, and they want to leave no questions unanswered.

This comes at a price – often a price which the end user is not willing to pay, but if we to get our products in front of them and ahead of other home improvement offerings it is a price we as an industry are going to have to pay.

We need to support installers in the sector with all the tools to do the job, to enable them to win work – not just for us an individual supplier, but for us as an industry against other home improvement sectors which are competing hard for their share of consumer spend.

Suddenly it is not just about competing with our immediate rivals for business, but with a wide range of other sectors all of whom want to capitalise on the consumer confidence in the market.

As an industry we have great products – ones we know are really well liked by homeowners.  We need to ensure though that we don’t assume the product alone is enough.  We need to satisfy the demand from the consumer for more support, and this will open the door to consumer demand.

August 31 2015