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An Ideal Day in the Life of… Tom Reardon

Senior Sales and Customer Services co-ordinator for Truedor…

Tom has been with IG Doors for over 10 years and jumped at the chance to move onto the Truedor side of the business when the opportunity came along last year; why…

“I could see what was going on with the product and how it was being developed very specifically to meet the demands of the trade/consumer market and it really struck me that it was going to be an exciting ride”!

“Having been with IG Doors for 10 years I was delighted that the company was completely open to the idea of me moving into a different area of the business as a part of my own personal development, but in equal measure to bring my experience of the company and how it works into our new venture”.

“I have not been disappointed – it is everything I was expecting and more.  My life outside of work is quite regimented - I get up at 5am and enjoy a high protein breakfast.  Then I make my son’s packed lunch for school and make sure his uniform is ironed and looking pristine.  Once my morning routine is done, I head to the gym for the 6.30am opening for my daily workout then my ‘Truedor day’ begins!

“It is great to see what has happened overnight with our on-line ordering system for the trade and how many orders have come into the business.  It is a real buzz”.

“The next few hours are spent checking the orders, looking for any anomalies or technical queries which I think might need to be checked with the customers and phoning them up.  I really enjoy the personal contact”.  
 “As a company we want to be known for offering outstanding customer service, and going the extra mile is the least we can do.  It is exactly why I wanted to get involved with the trade team in the first place - it is dynamic, personable, challenging - and very rarely dull”.

“The rest of the day continues in the same vein, lots of customer contact, answering queries, preparing estimates, problem solving – all leading to a great sense of satisfaction for me personally and the rest of the team I work with”. 

“At the end of a day, knowing I have given 100% and that I have done my job in looking after our customers, and knowing that I have worked as a part of a team with my colleagues gives me a great sense of satisfaction”.  After all Truedor is more than a great looking door!

“Tired and exhausted I head for home to my family, PJ’s on sat on the sofa like lord of the manor the day comes to an end…. but I know I get to do it all again tomorrow – ideal”!

August 06 2015