Composite Doors – The Best Products in the Industry for Installers?

Is now the time to be a composite door installer?  Richard Kirman explains.

There was a period in the industry’s history where it seemed as if composite doors would not quite reach the market potential they obviously had when they first came on the scene.

Technical problems, a lack of investment, and a singular focus on security as the main – in some cases only benefit – stifled the initial enthusiasm of those who had embraced the new product from the outset.

But how things have changed.  Composite Doors are now arguably the fastest growing product in the whole market, and they give installers and outstanding offering for consumers.

What’s more it is a product which continues to evolve due to the manufacturing technology and flexibility of the leading companies in the market, and the commitment of those same companies constantly looking to offer something new.

Of course one of the real differentiators with composite doors has always been colour, and now that has been extended to the glass, with the latest developments in the industry being to offer genuinely complementary shades to match both the door and the outer frames.

It creates for the installer and the home owner a real winner of a product for the most important feature of the house – the front door.

It is exactly the kind of development which will drive more growth in the sector and will keep the consumer market coming back for more.  We are close now to composite doors being the very first item on people’s shopping list when renovating their homes, and as a sector we need to consolidate this position.

With the approach to development through considered consultation with the end market which we have as a sector, we will surely achieve that.

What a great time to be a composite door installer – you really do have the best range of products in the industry.

August 05 2015