George Clarke Explains Why Truedor Are A Company You Can Rely On

George Clarke explains to installers why he believes that consumers can rely on Truedor to prove them with exactly what they want – and why as a trade installer they can do the same.

It was clear to me from the first moment I got involved with Truedor that we have a mutual appreciation of quality – an understanding that providing great options for the consumer is of paramount importance.

I know from experience that people are passionate about the look and feel of the homes they live in and I believe that Truedor shares this passion.

It is why I believe that the consumer can rely on them and why as a trade installer you can do so too.

Healthy balance

Truedor knows that the front door plays a crucial role in the overall look of a property and that discerning home owners are looking for a door that gives them a healthy balance between affordability and appearance and functionality matched by outstanding service.

Of great comfort to the homeowner is knowing that Truedor has been manufacturing composite doors for over 35 years.  This gives it an unrivalled pedigree in the sector, a track record that means that its manufacturing knowledge is proven.

This was another of the attractions for when I agreed to get involved with Truedor; I wanted to know that the company I was putting my name to had been around for a long time and was going to be around for a long time to come.

The company’s approach is to try to match doors to customers’ homes, and offering the range of styles and colour options it does give me confidence that it understood the importance of the homeowner of being able to do exactly this.

What also attracted me was its commitment to the fact that supporting the range of products with outstanding service levels was equally critical.

It is why the Truedor approved installer and gallery schemes really appeal to me.

It means that the great products it offers are supported by installation carried out by proven and vetted installers who understand the product range, its technical nuances, and (importantly for me) the important of great customer service.


I know from my own experiences just how much importance customers attach to great service in today’s competitive world where there is a myriad of choice for just about every product on the market.  Truedor understands it too, and introducing a system that supports the consumers who want to buy its doors, and supports the installers who want to install its doors, is a great development.

Everybody benefits: approved installers receive technical support, marketing support, and consumer leads; the consumer not only gets an outstanding range of products to choose from, which are tailored to their individual needs and those of their property, but they are secure in the knowledge that their doors are going to be installed in line with its recommendations and will work as they were designed to do.

Having approved installers is another tick in the box for me with Truedor; it is a further example of the refreshing approach that led me to get involved with them in the first place.

The company has brought great products to the market, and now it has set up a system to ensure that they are perfectly installed to ensure the highest quality throughout the process.

This is why I believe consumers and trade installers can rely on Truedor and why I endorse Truedor.

August 03 2015