Truedor, One Year On

It's been 12 months since IG Doors launched its Truedor range of composite doors at the FIT Show 2014.  GGP's Luke Wood caught up with sales and marketing manager, Richard Kirman, to look back at the last year and forward to the future.

Luke Wood (LW): So, did the first 12 months go to plan?  Was it better or worse than expected?

RIchard Kirman (RK): Honestly, I think if we could go back 12 months and have our time again we wouldn't do too much that is different.  I don't want that to come across as being arrogant or trying to be 'smart' in any way; but we said we had spent two full years researching the market before we launched; that time and the patience we showed has really proved beneficial.

The three ranges of doors and the hardware and glass ranges we chose to complement them have proved very popular in equal measure.  We were really keen to develop products which suited the requirements of individual property types rather than trying to make a door fit something which it really wasn't designed to do.  This has been one of our big success stories to this point.

The other really big winner was the introduction of our online design and ordering system.  This has proven very popular indeed and is making ordering from us very easy for our installer customers.

We also said from the outset that a key differentiator for us would be customer service and I hope our customers will agree that we have been true to our word on this.

LW: Composite door sales are expected to increase again in 2015, do you agree with this assessment?

RK: Absolutely.  Everybody is talking about the fact that the composite door sector will continue to grow based on the popularity of the product with customers.  We have spoken a lot in the last year about the impact the home makeover programmes have had on consumer thinking, and we are not seeing anything other than a continuation of this trend.

LW: What are you plans to capitalise on it?

RK: A major launch for us this year will be our new range of coloured glass, the Harmony Range.  Each decorative glass panel is hand crafted with coloured bevels to complement the door, which will add something new and really exciting for customers.

We are also launching our new complementary frame and door colours which will give the market even more choice.  We are really excited about this and as with everything else, we have based it around extensive research and market testing.  We are sure that the new range is going to prove extremely popular.

LW: What have been the most popular styles?

RK: The fact is that what you might call the 'classic' styles still remain the most popular by volume and we should not lose sight of this.  As well as bringing out new products we are always looking a new options to enhance the more traditional range; this is where our new range of glass options will really come into their own.  It will give homeowners who want classic styles even more options to personalise their new front door to their own individual tastes.

The IG Doors fire door, which we also introduced to the trade during the year, is also proving very popular.  We introduced this because of the amount of apartment blocks being built as a part of the modern construction agenda and with the knowledge that people living in this kind of accommodation still wanted access to all of the features and benefits of composite doors.

LW: Can we expect more styles and colours going forward?

RK: We will always look at our range and see what other options we can add to it.  New styles are always on the drawing board and we will be bringing some new options to the market during the year; very modern styles to appeal to those home owners in new styles of houses, and more colour options to match in with consumer trends.

It is important that we continue to look forward; we will never think we have got everything we need because the market will never stop evolving.

This is the nature of being involved with a product which is aimed at the consumer market, and it will remain exciting and vibrant as a consequence.

July 02 2015