Approved Installer Schemes Good for Business and Good for Customers

Truedor Sales and Marketing Manager Richard Kirman explains why the explosion in ‘Approved Schemes’ over the past 12 months is a good thing for the composite door industry.

Mr Kirman said:

'Approved Installer' schemes are very much 'in' at the minute and I for one thing this is good for our industry.  It is good for business and it is good for customers.  We have all seen how other industries such as gas and electricity have flourished over the years by having ‘approved’ installer schemes.  It is the way by which they raised and maintained service and installation standards in their sectors and this provided consumers with great confidence in what they do.

For many years in our industry there have been a small number of well managed networks and 'approved' schemes, but in the last 12 months the whole 'approved installer' thing has really exploded.  There is a realisation that great customer service only really comes when you have installers who are totally embedded into your products and who embrace the same values that you do as a supplier.

This is when you really get to work together – supplier and installer – to deliver great products to the end user backed by great service, with the end goal being to jointly win more work.  It is very much a two-way process – the supplier has to provide great products and service to the installer and the installer can then take this and mirror it to their customer.

It is two parties with a common goal, happy to sign up to a mutually beneficial way of working.

For the composite door market it is perhaps even more important to have these kinds of 'approved' schemes.  The range of choices available to customers is now so great that ‘hand in glove’ working is essential to ensure the delivery of the best products and the best services.

It had taken time for our industry to fully embrace 'approved' schemes but now that it has I foresee real benefits to all – they really are good for business.

May 21 2015