Owen Jones Talks Fire Doors

Truedor and IG Doors Product Development Manager Owen Jones talks fire doors:

When I joined IG Doors 25 years ago working on their Fire Door was one of the first projects I was involved in.

For markets such as social housing and new-build fire doors have been a constant part of the product offering throughout that time, but for the trade sector it is something which is quite new.

Why is it becoming popular with the trade now?  In large part it is because of the massive increase we have seen in recent years in the number of apartment blocks being built to house a part of the population which wants to enjoy city centre living, or who are finding it easier to afford this kind of home as their first step on the property ladder.  Regardless of their motivation for buying an apartment, in both cases these are people who still want to enjoy, all the benefits that a composite door brings to the home.

Of course the Fire door is technically a much more involved product than an ordinary composite door and experience of manufacturing it, testing it, and seeing it perform in the open market are critical to proving its pedigree and suitability for purpose.

This is a product which cannot fail in its application – the consequences are too serious.  For the most part of course we all hope that it will never have to perform the function it is designed to do, but if it called upon then the home owner needs to know that they have a product installed into their home which is tried, tested and proven over an extended period of time.

May 21 2015