Why Approved Installer Schemes Are Important For The Composite Door Market

With more people taking advantage of the ‘Approved Installer Scheme’ in the door market, the initiative has really exploded the past couple of years. With all this hype around the scheme, you may be wondering what it actually is. Well, wait no longer! This article will reveal what the scheme is and how businesses and customers can hugely benefit from it.


The scheme isn’t necessarily a new motion in our industry. For many years, there have been a small number of well managed networks and ‘approved’ schemes, but in the last 12 months the whole ‘approved installer’ notion has really expanded. This is because, there is a realisation that great customer service only really comes when you have installers who are totally embedded in your products and who embrace the same values that you do as a supplier.

In the Approved Installer Scheme, the suppliers and installers work together, with mutual trust, understanding and goals to ensure that they are providing the end customers with the excellent product and service they expect.  

It is great to see the composite doors market take advantage and benefit from this scheme. For example, not only does it instill confidence in customers before they purchase the door, it also strengthens the brand and authority of the supplier and installer, which is always good for business.

The process is very much ‘in’ at the minute with a lot of suppliers and installers taking part and consumers seeing the end result they want.

Prior to being used in the door market, other industries such as gas and electricity have flourished over the years by having such schemes.  It is the way by which they raised and maintained service and installation standards in their sectors and this provided consumers with great confidence in what they do.

Moving forward, the number of suppliers and installers taking part in the Approved Installer Scheme in expected to only grow. Why not be a part of it? Truedor can help you find your local approved installer. Just submit our ‘Find Your Approved Installer’ form at the top right hand corner or simply give us a call on 01633 627 190.

April 17 2015