On-line ordering sees sales of Truedor reach new heights

Sales of Truedor from IG Doors have hit new heights following the launch of the company’s new on-line design and ordering systems.  Richard Kirman Sales and Marketing Manager for IG Doors Trade division tells us more.

 “As we have said before the ability to offer on-line design and on-line ordering is a must for composite door suppliers in today’s modern market; it is the way the industry operates and was very much on the wish list of all the people we spoke to in the run up to the launch of Truedor.  It gives customers the flexibility to operate their businesses at times which suit them; they are not dependent on a sales office to place their orders, they can order at any time”.

“Since we made our on-line design and ordering systems live we have seen rapid sales growth; it fully justifies our investment, and shows us that we are supporting our customers in exactly what they want us to”.

Financial rewards for ordering on-line

“There are also financial rewards for ordering on-line. The fact is that if our customers order on-line and pay on-line then that saves us time and we should share those savings with them rather than keeping them for ourselves.  That’s why we are offering all of our customers a £10 discount when they order on-line and a further £10 discount when they pay on-line.  It is a part of our customer focussed ethos; it has to be a partnership to succeed in the long term, and hopefully offering these discounts shows that we are serious when we say this.  It is a tangible sign of us giving something back to our customers where we both benefit.”

“Developing the on-line ordering system is a key milestone in our development plan; it brings us even closer to our customers and is the last of the major developments we need to support them in the market.  There are going to be many more developments of course; additional products, more marketing support for trade, and more marketing support to the consumer through our relationship with George Clarke.  It is a really exciting time ahead for us and for our customers, and with the market for Composite Doors still growing what better time for new customers to join with us to maximise the business opportunity that brings”.

February 18 2015