Consumer Confidence

“Consumer Confidence” ….. Two small words, one very big phrase

Richard Kirman Sales and Marketing Manager for IG Doors trade division tells us why they have signed George Clarke to help promote Truedor to the consumer market.

“We have all become familiar with the phrase ‘consumer confidence’, especially in recent years when it, or more importantly a lack of it, was pinpointed as one of the major contributors to the length of the recession”.

“But the fact is that consumer confidence is equally important to individual markets, and ours especially so”.

Consumer confidence in the Composite Door market? 

“The reality is that ours is a sector of the industry which suffered significant ‘growing’ pains in its early years; products tried but not  necessarily tested and technologies which were unproven all meant that for longer than there should have been  there  was a stigma attached to the words ‘Composite Door’.  It was an industry which grew too quickly, with too many products and the consequences were inevitable”.

“It has taken some considerable time to start to repair consumer confidence in the product group, but it is getting there now.  Company’s such as our own which have been supplying composite doors continuously now for over 20 years have done much to develop offerings which are technically stable, are tested, and most importantly are now trusted”.

Perfect Timing

“The timing of all of this is perfect, because while the recession hit many people hard, what it also did was to start people thinking less about moving home and more about re-generating the ones they were already in.  Supporting this new mind set was an explosion of home makeover programmes which started to show homeowners that with a little thought they could do something very special with what they had”.

“As we launch Truedor to the consumer market we believe it is important to embrace this same approach, and so we are delighted to announce that George Clarke has joined our team to help us promote our product and to give the consumer confidence in what they are buying”

“I feel that consumers can rely on IG Doors to meet their demands and expectations” – George Clarke

George explained his reasoning for joining the Truedor team “As an architect who has worked all over the country I know how passionately people feel about the buildings in which they live.  I agreed to work with IG Doors on its launch of the Truedor range because they shared this passion for high quality, beautifully finished homes.  They know that the front door plays a crucial role in the overall look of a property”.

“We are delighted to have George join our team; he will be the leading voice in our approach to the consumer market and we know with him on board we will very quickly gain their confidence.  We know from his profile and from the work that he has done that he is respected and he is trusted by the consumer market as someone who will only support products and companies which he feels fully embrace his own passion for quality and service, and for the range of products which they offer which will truly enhance the property into which they are installed”.

The Truedor range is ideal for its time

“The Truedor range is ideal for its time; we have three very distinct ranges in our portfolio to suit the needs of property owners with their own particular requirements.  We have our ‘traditional’ range with 19 styles already available and with more to follow; there really is something for everybody in this range, and it includes a dazzling array of colour options and glazing specifications”.  

“Our ‘Cottage’ range has been designed specifically for a niche market which has very bespoke requirements; more than any other this type of property has benefitted from the home makeover boom, and we are delighted to have a range which meets its particular needs.  Finally our ‘Contemporary’ range, a selection of doors designed for a new era, with sleek lines and striking designs is ideally suited to those wanting to make the entrance to their home truly modern in its look and feel”.

“With George Clarke providing valuable insight directly to the consumer, helping them to understand the potential for their homes, what questions they should ask, and what factors they should consider when thinking about changing their front door, we know that they will very quickly develop a confidence in the Truedor range.  With consumer confidence will come a significant market share for Truedor, and for the installers buying our products many new business opportunities to enjoy as just one of the benefits of their partnership with us.

February 18 2015