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Did you know….

We all associate Valentine’s Day with love and romance, and in Norfolk one man is reported to have taken things to the extreme. 

Known locally as ‘Valentine Jack’ the story goes that each year on the 14th February an unknown gentleman left sweets and presents at the back doors of homes in the area to show his love for his neighbours.  Nobody knew who the man was, but I wonder if he would have left them at the back of this fabulous Cezanne Truedor recently installed.

Of course, there are a lot of differing stories as to where Valentine’s Day originated.  The most popular is that it comes from the 1929 St Valentine’s Day massacre at a garage in Chicago where a mass shoot-out between gangs gave it real notoriety.  The event is historically correct and most agree it was orchestrated by Al Capone as a part of a gang war over the distribution of alcohol during the prohibition era.

You may also recall the massacre being a part of one of the all-time great comedy films ‘Some Like It Hot’ released in 1959 where hapless Jack Lemon was suddenly witness to the event and was then pursued across America by those who carried it out.  To avoid capture he dressed as a woman and toured the country playing bass in an all-girl band alongside fellow star Tony Curtis who also dressed as a woman, and screen star Marilyn Monroe.

However most agree that commemorating the 14th February originally started in 3rd century Rome.  There are various theories but perhaps the one that best matches the meaning of Valentine’s Day today is that a local Christian priest ‘Valentinus’ was put to death by Emperor Claudius II for continuing to marry young couples even after marriage had been banned as a ceremony.

We will never know for sure what the origins really were…. but it is a day which has inspired many great stories and many great moments for couples all over the world.  Enjoy.

February 14 2019